A think tank created to meet the enduring challenge posed by extremist ideologies.


The mission of the Counter Extremism Group (CEG) is to provide practical solutions to the growth of extremist ideologies.

Extremism is a scourge that divides societies, leads to human rights  restrictions, and can ultimately result in acts of violence. As has been demonstrated time and again, this includes acts of terrorism.

Yet extremism has also become an over-used term in recent years, used too readily against those who simply happen to disagree politically. This has helped muddy the waters over what extremism truly is.

CEG is a UK-based centre solely dedicated to helping address and understand such issues.

Its staff has decades of experience in helping elected representatives, government officials, the media, and wider society better understand extremism – particularly that of Islamist extremism in the UK – and how to respond effectively.

CEG’s work will involve identifying manifestations of extremism and subsequently producing non-partisan research, commentary, and policy advice.